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To Daniel, my boys, and the sweetest friends and family a girl could have...

Thank you for the love and support. Whether you buy, browse, have a suggestion, love, hate or know absolutely nothing about this, I'm glad you are here! If you are visiting my site for the first time, following me on Instagram or here to read my first post ever, I hope you you enjoy it. 

With Ramona Collective, I finally felt ready to take a chance on something I truly love learning more about. Ethically made goods and sustainable fashion are two of the things that I have grown to appreciate over the years and the importance of who, where and how things are made has changed for me along the way.  

When I decided to give this opportunity a go, I knew it would take time and energy to get it right. For me, this meant pursuing it full time. I resigned from my job in the spring to figure this all out. Leaving a job, familiarity and an income you have relied on for 11 years was not easy, but surprisingly, I'm adjusting just fine and I think the change has been good for me. My soul is happy. As I sit here jamming a mixture of Beyonce and Luis Fonsi, I cannot help but smile knowing that an idea that was in my mind a couple of years ago, is here today! It's been a team effort to get this going and I couldn't be more grateful and appreciative to everyone who has helped me get to this point.

Guatemala has been a bucket list destination for years now and it certainly didn't disappoint. Coupled with my mild obsession with colorful textiles, the simple life vibe and natural beauty is what initially attracted me to explore this beautiful country. I knew I would be sourcing goods while there, but it was important for me to do it right and for about a year, I spent every free moment researching what has become my reality today. Buying and sourcing has been both fun and educational, while giving me a bigger appreciation for life and the world we live in.

In future blogs, I will share with you more about why and how I chose to travel ethically with Hiptipico and what I'm learning along the way. I'll also share future travel plans, sustainable fashion ideas, introduce to you the woman behind MandarinaByDre and the meaning behind the name Ramona. Our bags are still in the production phase in Guatemala, but in the meantime check out our small batch handmade accessories that are currently available. 

Thanks again for following along, it means the world! 






  • You’ve always been in to fashion, since you were a little girl! I love that your following your dreams! You will do an amazing job!
    Xoxo, Emily

    Emily Perez
  • Hola Noemi! Felicidades por tu empresa y éxito en toda la producción ! me siento muy orgullosa de que promuevas este tipo de artículos! Enhorabuena ! Saludos !!!

    Sanjuana Guardado
  • I love what you are doing! Congratulations on living out a dream and also helping others! You are going to do great things!

  • Wow! What an exciting journey you’re on. I can’t wait to see everything you have to offer. Good luck!


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